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Care of pot flowers - home yucca

Yuccas bring a touch of the exotic to the interiors of our homes.
To keep this plant in good condition and enjoy it, proper care is essential.
Here are some tips to help keep your home yucca healthy and beautiful.

  1. Lighting: Yucca needs a lot of bright and diffused light, but not direct sunlight.

  2. Watering: Yucca needs regular moderate watering, but flooding is not recommended. It is recommended to water when the substrate is slightly dry. Excess water should be avoided, which can lead to rotting of the roots.
    Yucca must also have a sufficiently light and permeable substrate (it grows best in a special soil) and a pot with drainage and water drainage.

  3. Fertilization: In spring and summer, we fertilize yucca once every 2 weeks, in winter there is no such need.

  4. Pruning : Yucca, free-growing, will quickly reach the ceiling. That's why it needs to be trimmed. We cut the stump in half.
    We protect the part that was left in the pot with gardening ointment.
    Then it's best to put the yucca outside (when it's warm, of course) - it will grow back quickly and beautifully.
    We can put the other part into the ground in another pot and let it take root.

Keeping these few tips in mind, you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy yucca for many years.

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