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Roses in a bouquet - the meaning of their number and color

We are often asked if the number of roses matters?
Or does their color carry any information?
Below are the answers.

Number of roses

The number of roses in a bouquet can have a symbolic meaning and provide additional information about the sender and his intentions.
Each number can reflect different feelings and moods, which is very important when we want to express our emotions by giving flowers.

  • 1 rose is a sign that "I still love you". You can also give it on the first date.
  • 7 roses symbolize infatuation, it is a clear signal to the recipient about our feelings.
  • 9 roses in a bouquet can mean serious affection and dedication, this is often chosen as a gift for a loved one on an anniversary or other important event.
  • The 12 roses symbolize fidelity and devotion, which is perfect for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day.
  • 15 roses symbolize joy and joyful events such as birthdays or name days.
  • 21 roses is a bouquet that is often chosen as an expression of gratitude and respect, it can be a great gift idea for a loved one.
  • 35 roses is a very impressive and elegant bouquet, which is often chosen as an expression of love and commitment.
  • 51 roses is a bouquet that means a deep and true feeling, it is often chosen as a gift for a loved one on important anniversaries or special occasions.
  • 101 rosesin a bouquet says that the recipient is the only love.

The color of roses

It is worth remembering that not only the number, but also the color of roses is important.

  • White roses symbolize purity, innocence and respect.
  • Red roses are a symbol of love and desire.
  • Yellow today symbolizes platonic feelings, friendship, joy and willingness to help.
  • Pink is a symbol of love and adoration.

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