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Flowers in flowerpots

Potted flowers are the perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty and durability of plants.
Our "Flowers in pots" collection offers a wide selection of flowers, including palms, succulents, dracaenas and other ornamental plants, which are perfect for decorating interiors and terraces.

Pots with flowers are not only a beautiful gift for a loved one, but also a perfect interior decoration that positively affects its atmosphere.

Order potted flowers according to your preferences, and we will deliver them to the indicated address in Warsaw.

Flowers in flowerpots (5)

Composition Enchanted World

229,00 zl

Potted Schefflera

295,00 zl

Basket - Pot Plant Fantasy

225,00 zl

Exotic in a Pot

275,00 zl

Anthurium in a pot

155,00 zl